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i heart this

Saw this today and I love it. Anything travel/map inspired is right up my alley. This would likely be something you could recreate on your own with a family cookie recipe, a stencil of the globe and gobs of patience.


Who doesn't love an edible favor? No one I know. If you decide to make them and need a taste-tester, I'm your girl!

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ashley + bryan

ashley and bryan got married in august in peoria. i had never been to peoria until i drove down for their big day but i was charmed with how quaint the city centre was. it was also really easy to walk park and forth between their ceremony site, sacred heart church and the holiday inn city centre where they held their reception. also, parking was just a dream. but i digress. the good stuff, that's what you came for right? let's begin then, shall we?


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a blog for all things awesome.

now that the proverbial ball is rolling with getting ae off the ground and running i wanted to start a little blog to be a big, ol' show-off and brag about the awesomely awesome weddings/parties/showers/tuesday nights that ae was honored to be a part of. what? coordinating my tuesday nights don't count? come on...

so, welcome to the blog to end all blogs. i plan on catching up on the 2009 ae events in the next few weeks. stay tuned for:

ashley + bryan
throw down in peoria

julia + dave put every single DIY wedding in the universe to shame

laura + dan
tango among eclectic antiques

amy prepares for a little one

laura + dan* and their rowdy crowd bring us sweet home, chicago

it's been six months since we've been in business and with dates booking up in 2010 we are thrilled to know that we've only just begun!

* two laura + dan's in a row. out of four weddings, half are laura + dan's. interesting, no? an omen my friends, a good sign indeed.

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