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louisa + jeff in the greenhouse with the maps.

Louisa + Jeff were married in September at the gorgeous Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago and the day was nothing short of that: simply gorgeous.  Louisa and I worked together for over a year and it was such a pleasure to get to see how all of the planning came together on a perfect day for the happy couple.  

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katie + bobby. for the win.

Katie + Bobby were married in May of this year at St. Mary of the Angels church and had their reception at the ever-popular Architectural Artifacts.  They were such an easy couple to work with, so laid back and calm and everything went right on schedule.  Katie's dad walking her down the aisle could not have been sweeter and the amount of toasts from siblings and friends was a true testament to how many people love these two(And also perhaps that they had been waiting for this day for awhile?!)  Dan, a friend of the couple and of Broadway fame, sang while Bobby and his mom danced and then the entire guest list tore the dance floor up all night long.  A lovely night filled with the most lovely people at one of the most fun venues in the city.  For the win?  Indeed.  For the win. 

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sarah + jacob: family matters

This is my sister. Pretty little darlin' isn't she?  She married her true love in August in Omaha at St. Barnabas Parish and the reception was held at Joslyn Art MuseumI don't want to wax on too much about it just because she is my sister, but let me tell you how interesting it was to be the day-of coordinator and maid-of-honor.  At most weddings when I am working, I tend to get to sit down and take a break for the first time all day during the wedding toasts.  Usually I shove some food down and chug a few waters but not this time, this time I was on deck to toast the heck out of the happy couple. (#nailedit)  Usually when the guests get dancing, I pack everything up and get it ready for the family.  This time Jacob's cousin was teaching me "the pretzel" as I tore up that dance floor.  Usually, I only know the bride & groom and maybe their parents.  This time, I knew over half of the crowd, many of whom I hadn't seen in years.  It was an exhausting weekend but totally worth it, though I do recommend choosing one or the other, except on the most special of occasions. 

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christine + brett: art imitates love + love imitates art

My new favorite pictures are these amazing bridal portraits I keep seeing.  First this one, and now the gorgeous Christine. Brett married this lovely lady in July at Holy Family Parish in Chicago.  Their wedding fell on the last day of a historic heat wave that hit Chicago with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees for days in a row.  You'll see in the pictures below how absolutely stunning Holy Family is, however, one thing gorgeous, old churches tend not to have is air-conditioning.  After fighting rush hour traffic on Friday and the serious risk of melting in church, I made sure we did the worlds fastest rehearsal (seriously, blink and you missed it) and got them out into the (basically non-existent breeze) ASAP.  Saturday we caught a break and hit a high of only 98 degrees but what a difference it made.  In the end, the heat didn't matter: these two art teachers put so much work and love into their day, they were all smiles all day long and most definitely ready to party by the time the reception rolled around.  Not to mention we found out the American Idols were touring in Chicago and staying at the hotel.

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