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pam + aaren: tie the knot

Pam and Aaren tied the knot in April at the Lilydale First Baptist Church and then celebrated with friends and family at the International House on the University of Chicago campus. Fitting, for a relationship that began while they were both attending school there!

I have to potentially embarrass Aaren here and mention was a stinking sweetheart he is. 99.9% of the time, I get calls and emails from the bride and then continue to have a lot of contact with the bride throughout the planning process. It seems the groom usually takes on the music, the food or the ever-important bar selection. Most of the grooms I’ve worked with have certainly been involved in the planning and invested in seeing the day come together, but for some odd reason, creating time lines and vendor lists and floor plans with a day-of coordinator usually falls to the bride. But not Aaren.


He made the initial contact with me and we emailed and chatted on the phone several times before I even met Pam. He wanted to hire me as a gift for Pam. HELLO!? Most thoughtful idea ever, right? I have to say, I was smitten. I wanted them as clients, stat.

Then I met Pam. Hi, Pam!

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felisa + matt: get down

Felisa and Matt got hitched in April at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and then partied the night away at Architectural Artifacts. Felisa and Matt met at Lollapalooza (which is awesome) and working with them was such a pleasure.


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where in the world?

I've been busy! But I'm back with lots to share. Three AE weddings in April to blog about, two weddings of dear friends in May to attend, a save-the-date design and creation to share and some upgrades to the websitehave been taking up most of my time recently. Soon the website will be transferred to a smarter, faster and better platform (they tell me) so get excited for many more bells and whistles to come. In the mean time, fun reading ahead. Stay tuned.

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