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nivi and jerry's wedding invitations

Clever title, eh?  Well, hopefully you believe us now that we have, in fact, been busy. Want to see the latest edition to the Anticipation Events paper tome? Jerry & Nivi's wedding invitations were monsters.  Perhaps it has something to do with the 600+ people they are inviting to the big day.  Perhaps because they are having a Hindu ceremony and a Catholic ceremony followed by an enormous Polasian (that's Polish/South Asian for those of you not familiar with my knack for smushing words together to make better ones) extravaganza.  Perhaps it is because they are awesome.

Each sweet little monster started out innocently enough.  An unassuming little silver envelope:

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coffee & wine for whitney

So I promised you Whitney's bridal shower and bachelorette party invitations.  To make things easier for the guests who are coming in from out of town for the weekend the shower will be held Saturday morning and the bachelorette party will be that same night.  It's a great idea if you have bridal party members and friends spread across the country.

There are two things Whitney loves almost as much as she loved John.  Brunch, and more specifically, six or so cups of coffee at brunch.  She makes the coffee guys eyebrows raise with her eternal request for a refill at Nookies. And that is no small feat considering the amount of coffee that guy pours.  If you accidentally sleep through brunch and don't catch up with Whitney until dinner, rest assured there will be a glass of Riesling in her hand and she'll lead you to a wine bar after dinner.  So that was all the inspiration we needed to go to town on the invitations.

Everyone received a kraft paper-wrapped box in the mail and when they opened the box, this is what they saw:

Each invitation was two coasters tied up in a pink satin bow and nestled on a bed of coffee beans.

They likely all brewed a pot of coffee while they untied the ribbon to find two coasters.  The first coaster was an invite to the shower with a coffee mug ring and this quote by Josephine Baker: "He was my cream, and I was his coffee- and when you poured us together, man it was something."  LOVE.  The second coaster was the invitation to the bachelorette party with a wine glass ring and this quote from Vinny of Jersey Shore fame: "Sometimes when you meet the right girl who deserves to be wined and dined and you know, wifed up." DOUBLE LOVE.  Definitely setting the tone for each separate party.

When you flip the coasters over you have all of the party information.  I gocco'ed both sides of these and actually dipped mugs and wine glasses in coffee and wine to make the rings.  Realism at it's finest.

The shower invite:

The bachelorette invite:

Oh happy day! We're so happy that John decided to "wife up" Whitney.  He really is the cream to her coffee and I am loving getting to be a part of their big day!

What do you think?

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whitney & john & their wedding invitations

Well we've been busy 'round here.  Check out Whitney & John's wedding invites that have been sent to their guests.  We hear the RSVP's are pouring in - no one would dare miss this shindig!

We letterpressed the entire suite which included the invitation, accommodations information and RSVP card and envelope.  I think you might be able to guess what the inspiration for the invite was. We mounted the invite on silver card stock and then mounted the whole thing to a dark grey pocketfold.

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